Forensic Medicine

Department of Forensic Medicine

The department of Forensic Medicine is situated on the third floor, east wing of the college building with adequate space as per MCI norms. The department is currently providing training for the undergraduate students (III, IV and V semesters of II MBBS) and Postgraduate students (yearly 4 seats were sanctioned by MCI and Pondicherry University) for solving various medi colegal issues

The department has modern amenities with well-planned, spacious and furnished faculty rooms. The departmental office is equipped with computers and broadband internet facility. The Wi-Fi internet facility is also available for laptops, tablets & mobile for the entire faculty and PG students.

Museum is one of the well planned and furnished sections in the department. It contains good collection of wet specimens mounted in glass jars. The catalogues arranged along with specimens are available to students for self-learning. Museum also contains huge collection of poisons, weapons, skeletal remains. Poisons & weapons are displayed in glass cupboards. The corridor of the department is filled with informative charts and photographs.

The practical hall is spacious and contains all the necessary materials for practical learning. The department research laboratory is well equipped with facilities for academic research activities. The departmental library cum seminar room contains good collection of books to update and for reference. There are two demo rooms with OHP, LCD projectors. Each demo room can accommodate comfortably about 75 students. It is well maintained & equipments with autopsy room and cold storage.

The department has a separate mortuary block towards the south side of the hospital building. The autopsy room is provided with two dissection tables with a well-equipped organ dissecting table and electric saw. The autopsy room has open gallery for students to observe the procedure. There are four cold storage units with (4+4+2+2) cabinets for preserving 12 dead bodies at a time.

List of Conferences/ Workshops Attended

  1. Workshop on research methodology, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital, Puducherry.(11- 14th June 2012)
  2. 9th annual SIMLA conference- JIPMER. (21- 23rd September 2012)
  3. CME- Legal implications of medical practice. Sri Dhanalakshmi srinivasan medical college- Perambalur. (10th November 2012)
  4. 20th annual conference of Karnataka medico legal society. (23rd – 25th November 2012)
  5. Forensic Medicon- 2013. KMC, Mangalore. ( 1st – 3rd February 2013)
  6. National conference on medical records management. (8th February 2013)
  7. International conference on health care acquired infection and control, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital, Pondicherry. (22nd - 23rd February 2013)
  8. Training Workshop on Quality Forensic Services and Teaching- All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (4th -6th May 2013)

Papers Presented in Conferences

  1. “Postmortem angiography- An useful tool in forensic medicine” Dr. Arun. M. KAMLS- 2012.
  2. “Negligence issues in medical records”. Dr. Praveenkumar. M.- KAMLS- 2012.
  3. “Biometric iris recognition- A useful tool for identification”. Dr. Naveen. N- Forensic Medicon- 2013.
  4. “Medical emblems and their implications”. Dr. Madhuvardhana. T. Forensic Medicon- 2013

Thesis Proposals

  1. “Estimation of age by epiphyseal union at wrist joint and hand in 14- 19 years age group- A radiological study”- Dr. Arun. M.
  2. “A study of RTA cases at Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital, Puducherry”- Dr. Madhuvardhana. T.
  3. “The study of types and socio-demographic profile of poisoning cases reported to SMVMCH, Puducherry”- Dr. Naveen. N.
  4. “A study of Chelioscopy,dactylography and ABO blood group among Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital students, Puducherry”- Dr. Praveenkumar. M.

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Sex determination in adults by measurement of pelvic radiographic parameters - Dr. Ananda Reddy.
  2. Approach to personal identification by radiographic study of frontal sinuses and nasal septum patterns - Dr. Ananda Reddy.
  3. Fatal two-wheeler road traffic accidents and pattern of injuries in pondicheery- an autopsy based study- Dr. Ananda Reddy.
  4. Study of cause of death in unknown dead bodies forensically autopsied at IGGGH, Pondicherry- Dr. Ananda Reddy.
  5. Evaluation of the heart in natural deaths - an autopsy based cross-sectional study- Dr. Ananda Reddy.
  6. Study of natural deaths in medico legal autopsies conducted at igggh, puducherry during 2010-12- Dr. Ananda Reddy.
  7. “An approach to identification by dorsal and ventral thumb prints”- Dr.Arun. M.
  8. “Study of knowledge and awareness of medicolegal issues among medicos”-Dr. Madhuvardhana. T.
  9. “Sex determination using mesiodistal dimensions of permanent incisors and canines”- Dr. Naveen. N.
  10. “Stature Estimation from hand, foot and head measurements”- Dr. Praveenkumar. M.
  11. Stature estimation from hand dimensions in south indian adults- Hariharan (2 MBBS).