Academic and Research Activities

The faculty is engaged in teaching the second professional M.B.B.S., students. The pharmacology teaching comprises of General Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacotherapeutics and Adverse reactions and interactions of drugs acting on C.N.S., A.N.S., C.V.S., GIT., Respiratory system, genitourinary system, endocrines, antacids, psychopharmacology and malignant and infectious diseases (chemotherapeutic agents & vaccines)etc.,

The concept of essential drugs and rational drug therapy and critical evaluation of drugs are taught to the students. The students are taught through lectures, demonstrations, tutorials and clinical case discussions.

Apart from this the department is providing Information on drugs i.e., uses, contraindications, adverse effects and their interactions to the inquisitive clinicians.

The Animal House is functioning under the supervision of Head of Department of Pharmacology. It is located adjoining to the girls hostel. It comprises of the reception area , duty doctor’s room, quarantine room, store room, small animal room, large animal room and frog pond. A major OT is also available. The animals are taken care by trained animal attendant and the animals are supervised by Veterinary medical officer who is visiting the animal house daily.

The department is actively involved in the research projects and the articles are published in the National journals of repute.

The staff members of department participate in number of regional and national conferences.

The department is involved in the Medical Education and newer techniques and methods are taught to the students