The Department of ENT provides good care in hearing/Voice/Balance(Vertigo)/Allergy. Sound knowledge and well trained surgeries giving the best care to the patients at the expense of well equipped department.

The Department of ENT and Head & Neck surgery provides comprehensive care to patients with diseases of the ear, nose, throat and head and neck, the anatomic limits being the dura above and the pleura below.

  • The Department of E.N.T (Otorhinolaryngology) is functioning from the inception of SMVMCH
  • The Department has experienced faculties
  • The outpatient department has
  • 4 consultation rooms
  • Procedure room
  • Minor operation theatre
  • Speech therapy room
  • Audiometry room facilities available
    1. Audiometry
    2. Tympanometry
    3. Speech therapy
    4. BERA
    5. ENG
    6. Temporal bone lab
  • The inpatient ward has 30 beds and equipped with post operative ward and ICU facility
  • The operation theatre is equipped with operating microscope (zeiss), endoscopes (storz), and microsurgical instruments
  • All surgeries related to E.N.T are performed regularly

Academic Activities

Regular theory and clinical classes are conducted and periodic evaluation of the students is done with theory and clinical examinations

Clinical Activities

Special Clincs

Special clinics are conducted on the following days

  • Allergy clinic, Thursday
  • Vertigo clinic Tuesday, Friday
  • Headache, Saturday

Periodical camps are conducted in the rural health center at Thiruvennainallur


  1. Pseudocyst Of The Auricle: Review Of Histopathology And Management Options
  2. Dr. Atul M Bage.
  3. Orbital Subperiosteal Abscess in Paediatric Age Group – Endoscopic
  4. Dr. V.M. Hemlata Katiyar.
    Dr. Vijaya Sundaram
  5. Painful Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – Is Total Thyroidectomy the best choice?
  6. Dr. Atul M Bage
    Dr. Vijaya Sundaram.
  7. Adenoid hypertrophy Existence in Adulthood – A Truth Revealed
  8. Dr. Atul M Bage.
    Dr. Anand Karthikeyan.
  9. Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis causing DYSPHAGIA – A Rare Presentation
  10. Dr. Sandeep Kaushik.
    Dr. Anand Karthikeyan.
  11. Unusual Foreign body in the Maxillary Autrum: A case report
  12. Dr. Sandeep Kaushik.
    Dr. Ajay Pratap Singh.
  13. Subglottic Mass: Benign Fibrous Histiocytoma – A Rare Clinical Entity Presenting As Stridor
  14. Dr. SandeepKaushik
    Dr. AnandKarthikeyan
  15. A Rare case of Benign Fibrous Histiocytoma of Sub Epidermal Soft Tissue of Cheek (Buccal Mucosa)
  16. Dr. Atul M Bage and Dr. KiranBylappa
Proposed plan
  • Direct audiovisual communication between the operation theatre and the demo halls are planned.
  • Microdebdrider for nasal surgeries
  • Laser and coabalator