Ophthalmology Department is functioning with qualified faculties and Para medical workers. We cater to the needs of the patients in around Villupuram and Puducherry. We have Under Graduate and Post Graduate students.

The Department of Ophthalmology is equipped with modern equipment and caters to the needs of the population with respect to various eye conditions, in addition to providing quality education at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Patient services

The Department deals with patients with all types of eye ailments. Routine outpatient services include refraction, computerized eye testing, spectacle prescription and ocular emergencies. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, modern surgical and laser procedures are available for advanced treatment of various eye disorders.

In addition to providing and treatment for various eye disorders, the following special clinics are conducted to provide specialized services.

Special clinics
Clinic Day
Glaucoma Monday
Squint Tuesday
Retina Wednesday
Neuro ophthalmology Thursday
Cornea Friday
Oculoplasty Friday

Special investigations

In addition to routine investigations, the following specialized investigations are also carried out in the department.

  1. Automated Perimetry
  2. Fundus fluorescein angiography
  3. A scan ultrasonography
  4. B scan ultrasonography
  5. Synoptophore testing
  6. Keratometry
  7. Applanation tonometry
  8. + 90 D and + 78 D examination of retina
  9. Goldmann 3 mirror examination
  10. Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
  11. Gonioscopy
  12. Auto Refractometry
Laser procedures

The department has got an Nd: YAG laser and 532 nm green laser for laser treatment of various eye disorders. The various laser procedures carried out are –

  1. Laser iridotomy
  2. Laser capsulotomy
  3. Laser trabeculoplasty
  4. Panretinal photocoagulation
  5. Macular grid laser
  6. Retinal barrage laser
Surgical facilities

The department possesses a fully functional state of the art operation theatre exclusively for Ophthalmology that functions 6 days a week. The following surgical procedures are offered.

  1. Cataract surgery including phacoemulsification with foldable intraocular lens implantation
  2. Glaucoma surgery
  3. Squint surgery
  4. Keratoplasty
  5. Oculoplastic surgeries
  6. Lacrimal sac surgeries

Eye bank

The department has a fully licensed eye bank with a dedicated phone line and facilities for corneal transplantation. The eye bank is functional round the clock.

Other services include contact lens fitting, rigid gas permeable contact lenses, soft, cosmetic and bandage soft contact lenses

Undergraduate Teaching

Intensive coaching is undertaken to provide quality education and training based on the guidelines set by the Medical Council of India. The training includes twice weekly theory classes for 6th semester students and thrice weekly theory classes for 7th semester students. The classes aim to provide training in the must know and desirable to know categories. Rigorous clinical training is given during the 8 weeks clinical postings when students are given training in case presentation and clinical aspects of the subject. The students are given individual attention and motivation, and specialized training is given for examinations.

Our students have been achieving consistently excellent results in the Pondicherry University examinations every year. Every year, our students obtain distinctions, and most of the university ranks in Ophthalmology.

University exam results
Student batch No of university ranks No of distinctions Subject 1st Subject 2nd Subject 3rd
2006 14 14 DrAnisFathima & DrVadivukarasi Dr Justine Auxilia Irene DrDivya @ Thiripurasundari
Dr Naga SushmaChavvakula
DrSinduja R
DrVaishnavi Devi
2007 10 40 DrManju N DrKarthikaVimal MsPriscaSanthanam A
2008 Yet to be
24 MrGopalakrishnan E MrVaithiswaran. A Ms. Kavitha .N
2009 Yet to be
23 MsAndalPriyanka MrMagesh P MsGunasri K
Distinction holders in Pondicherry University examinations
Batch 2006 Batch 2007 Batch 2007 Batch 2008 Batch 2009
DrAnisFathima MsManju N MrDeekshith S MrGopalakrishnan .E MsAndalPriyanka B
DrVadivukkarasi MrKarhtikaVimalCh MsGayathriDhevi R MrVaithiswaran. A MrMagesh P
Dr Justine Irene MsPriscaSanthanam A Mr Ramesh Bala A MsKavitha .N MsGunasri K
Dr Divya MsAbinizha S MsSrimathi A MrAnbarasan .S MsSeethakumari M
Dr Lekshmi Bala MsDishita P MrAravind Reddy MsArchana .C MsMaha Rani
Dr Naga Sushma MrKadhiravan E MsShivaliSrivastava MsArthy .G MrSugumaran K
Dr Sinduja MsLakshmipriya TN Ms Sri Durga J Ms Arul SakthiPriya .P MsAkshara M
Dr Vaishnavi Devi MsRoobhinisri NSK MrBondada Rama
MsAyshwarya .R.N MsManimala S
Dr Imran Khan MsThamizhselvi D MsMeenalochini D MrBalamurugan .T MsJaberlinSneha A
Dr Jakanattane MsAnisha Mohan P MsSuganya S Ms Naga Ramya MsRadha S
Dr Mohanraj MsJesintha Nancy P MsKarthika S MsDhanika Suresh MsJayasri P
Dr Mukkani Velan MsShaaron S Ms Mona Lisa J MsDhibika .M MsHemalatha K
Dr Muthamizh Selvi MsAbeetha S Ms Sri Ramya K MrKirubakaran .R MsAthira Ramesh
MsAranya G MsSudha M MsKiruthika .B MsDevi Anu K
Mr Arul Murugan A MsLincy T MsMinnal .K MsKeerthi Raj
MsRizwanaFirdose MsSruthi G Ms Mira Alffaza S.B MsAnu Jose
MsShanmughapriya S MsRamyadevi .P MsDhanalakshmiN
MrThirumurugan A MsRevathi .K MsJayasri K
MrVinoth Kumar G MsSivaranjini .N MrLoganathan R
MrBharathipriyan G MsSwapna .C MsKalpana B
Ms Leona
MsUdayamaliny A MsSakthiAbirami S
MsMitaliSrivastava MsVaishnavadevi .G MrVigneshvar C
MrNivedhanSundaram MsVankayalaAlekhya MsGowri V R
MsSaranyaPurushothaman MrVenkata Naga
Distinction holders in University examinations conducted in the month of May
May 2010 May 2011 May 2010
MrAnburaj Kumar R
MrAswin raj R
MsGowthami Naidu
MsHemlatha M
MsKanimozhi L
Ms Lakshmi priya R
MsMrPavish N B
MsPrathibha Nair
MsSharmilaa B
MsSivasankary MsBasta I

Postgraduate Teaching

The postgraduate teaching provides training in skills encompassing all the three domains namely the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domain. Comprehensive training is given in all aspects of clinical Ophthalmology to enable the resident to acquire the necessary skills to diagnose ocular ailments on the analysis of history, ocular examination and investigative workup. Hands on training is given in diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures. The postgraduates are taught awareness of community ophthalmology through various eye camps. The principles of research methodology are inculcated so as to enable the resident to write scientific papers for thesis, publication in reputed journals and presentation in national and international conferences. In addition, regular tests are also held for formative assessment. The postgraduate students are posted in OPD, ward, major and minor operation theatres for acquiring clinical skills, and regular teaching sessions in the form of lectures, seminars, short discussions and journal club are held.

The departmental library has the latest books required for postgraduate training, and can be utilized for the same. Seminars and other teaching programs are conducted in air conditioned halls.

Postgraduate teaching schedule
Monday Short discussion
Tuesday Lectures
Wednesday Case presentation
Thursday Seminar / Journal club
Friday Short discussion
Saturday Short discussion

Department publications

  1. Madarosis: A marker of many maladies.
  2. Annapurna Kumar, KaliaperumalKarthikeyan.
    International journal of trichology. Jan-Mar 2012/vol 4/Issue 1
  3. Nutritional Status and Personal Hygiene Related Morbidities among Rural School Children in Puducherry, India.
  4. GanapathyKalaiselvan, Annapurna Kumar, Amol R Dongre, Purushothaman V.
    National Journal of Research in Community Medicine.1(2), 2012.
  5. Integrated modular teaching in undergraduate medicine. (Accepted for publication)
  6. KaliaperumalKarthikeyan, Annapurna Kumar, Bupathy A, Rajagovindan D.
    National Medical Journal of India .

Ongoing projects

  1. Correlation between diabetes and dry eye and corneal sensitivity
  2. Retinopathy in diabetes with renal involvement
  3. Intraocular pressure in diabetic and non-diabetic populations

Faculty achievements

  1. DrVasudevAnandRao was awarded the DR P. N. SrinivasaRao Oration, Gold medal and Citation at the 22nd Karnataka Ophthalmological Society Annual Conference Nov. 2003.
  2. DrVasudevAnandRao was awarded the DrBasheerMekhri prize for the 2nd best paper at XVIII Annual conference of the Karnataka Ophthalmological Society.
  3. DrVasudevAnandRao has authored 3 books
    1. Text Book of Diseases of The Eye 4th ed.
    2. Evaluation Method in Ophthalmology – MCQs
    3. Know Your Eyes
  4. Dr Annapurna Kumar has undergone Faculty training at National Teacher Training Center at Jipmer
  5. Dr Annapurna Kumar has undergone faculty training and has attended the workshop on ‘Basic medical education technologies’ (which is recognized by MCI) at Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennat
  6. Dr P Kannan has presented a paper on ‘Steroid use in viral conjunctivitis’in the Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association conference in Tiruchirapalli in August 2012.
  7. Dr Annapurna Kumar, DrP Kannan and Dr C Kasinathan attended a CME on phacoemulsification challenges at Jipmer in May 2012
  8. Dr C Kasinathan and Dr P Kannan attended a CME sponsored by Vasan eye care in Chennai in May 2012
  9. Dr Annapurna Kumar attended a workshop on Quantitative Research Methods conducted at Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College in April 2012
  10. DrVasudevAnandRao is a member of All India Ophthalmological Society, Glaucoma Society of India, Karnataka Ophthalmological Society, Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association and Pondicherry Ophthalmologists’ association.
  11. Dr C Kasinathan is a member of the All India Ophthalmological Society and Pondicherry Ophthalmologists’ association.
  12. Dr Annapurna Kumar is a member of the All India Ophthalmological Society, Glaucoma Society of India and Pondicherry Ophthalmologists’ association.
  13. Dr P Kannan is a member of the All India Ophthalmological Society and the Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association.
  14. Dr Annapurna Kumar is the member secretary of the Institutional Research Committee, member of the Institutional Ethics Committee, and a faculty in the Medical Education Unit of the college.