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Vision of The Department


To give uninterruptible quality power supply with normal voltage and lowest electricity bill consumption.

The main activities of electrical department
  1. The prime function of the electrical department is to give the required power to the equipments and other medical electrical in the user departments.
  2. We are maintaining, total load of 1200 KVA maximum demand with OLTC transformer 800 KVA-1no, OLTC transformer 500 KVA-1no, generator 725 KVA-1no, generator 500 KVA-1no and other connected VCB, Switch gear like HT and LT circuit breakers, stabilizer, ACB, MCCB and higher range UPS
  3. Maintenance of HT and LT control panels, automatic main failure panels, OLTC and RTCC panels are another important area of departmental activities.
  4. Routine maintenance for all the light fittings, fans, geysers, switch boxes, MCB boards, sub-panel boards etc. are looked after by the electrical department.
  5. Rewinding of various capacities of motors and fan repairs of hot plates, sterilizer, preventive maintenance of transformer, high voltage equipments, generators, switchboards, UPS also maintaining by electrical department.
  6. We are having lifts-11nos in our campus and without any interruption, we are operating the lift in safety precaution, also we are qualified lift operators of 6nos.
  7. We are also looking after the minor/major project like modification, rewiring interior lighting, clarification of drawing estimates, preparing and electrical new project measurement, bills checking etc.
  8. Our motivation is zero percent uninterrupted power supply, 24 hrs proper electrical equipment maintenance through qualified, experienced , 2nos of electrical supervisor and 15nos of electricians and our achievement is to reduce the cost of the electricity consumption bill by using all lights are LED’s and switching off all unwanted electrical equipments by separate electrical staff.
Fire Fighting

We have a fire hydrant system (pipe lines which are kept under pressure always) is installed in multistoried buildings in the hospital. There are smoke detectors installed in multistoried buildings to indicate the fire is breaking out. Daily periodic maintenance, that checking of 3” valves, pump motor and water hose are done properly by through qualified fire staff.